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In addition to 30,000 standard products in a wide range of dimensions and materials, about 40 % of the products which we manufacture are customer-specific special solutions. On average, we add around 10 new solutions to our portfolio every single day. Our aim is simple: to develop the best wheel and the best caster for every application.

Product finder

Use our product finder to find the right Blickle product quickly and easily. This practical and structured tool provides a variety of filters which can help you to find the product you want. All of the search results contain detailed information like product data sheets, CAD data and helpful images. You can also select products to compare them online.

Wheels and casters series

Wheel and caster series

With over 30,000 products, you’re bound to find what you need
Special versions
Special versions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our extensive standard range, we also manufacture a wide range of special solutions. From making simple adjustments to the dimensions of standard products through to creating complex customer-specific items - by working together we are sure to find the right solution. Click here for a look at some of the products which we have developed for customers.

Applications for Blickle wheels and casters

From intralogistics, machine and systems engineering, conveyor technology and mobile equipment through to hygiene, medical and design applications - Blickle wheels and casters get things moving in almost every sector. We have developed a wide range of specific solutions on the basis of our decades of experience and our expertise in a wide range of markets. This means that we have the right product for every application and every environment.

Online catalog

Have a look through our online catalog to see what is in our portfolio. Both the entire catalog and brochures for specific Blickle products are available.

Product videos

Are you looking for a clear explanation of how a specific caster works or a specific application? Or maybe you need a detailed explanation of specific functions? Then have a look at our product videos. From animations through to product videos and explanation videos - if you can’t find it here, it doesn’t exist!

Success stories

Have a look at some of the success stories and innovations which we have made happen for our customers. Customer-specific solutions and products from our standard range provide solutions for specific applications in a variety of industries.