Blickle casters for hygiene indoors and outdoors

Sweepers are a quick and easy way to clean large areas. A variety of different sweeping systems are available, from smaller handheld sweepers through to ride-on equipment and large automated vehicles. Sweepers are used indoors in areas like factories, workshops or manufacturing facilities and outdoors to clean streets and walkways.

The requirements for the wheels and casters used by indoor systems are significantly different to those of systems which are used outdoors. For indoor sweepers, the main requirements are good floor preservation and low-noise operation. Outdoor sweepers are normally operated at high speed on uneven streets, and therefore need robust wheels and casters with extremely high resilience. Both indoor and outdoor sweepers need casters which are resistant to moisture, dust and dirt.

With an extensive range of high-quality wheels and casters, Blickle has the right solution for a wide variety of sweeper applications. The combination of a welded steel rig from the LS series with a wheel from the SE series is a perfect match for sweeper vehicles used outdoors. The ultra-robust rig of the LS series is designed for use at high speeds, while the SE series wheel provides good floor preservation, low-noise operation and a high level of cut propagation and wear resistance. Indoor sweepers frequently use the POEV wheel series combined with the Blickle “EasyRoll” elastic solid rubber tread, which is also available in a non-marking gray version.