Case Studies

  • Flexible and safe on rails or road

    The customer is a major Swiss manufacturer of fire brigade vehicles and motorised spray systems. In the 30+ years of its existence, the company has delivered more than 900 vehicles.

  • Low emission special cleanroom castor made by Blickle

    The customer is a major player in the semiconductor technology industry, develops and manufactures equipment used in the production of microchips. The international company had a turnover of 972 million euros in the 2015/2016 financial year.

  • A clean solution

    The customer is an Austria-based manufacturer of vehicles and machinery used for urban hygiene, with a focus on street cleaning and sewer cleaning.

  • The all-rounder

    The customer Bedrunka+Hirth is one of Germany‘s leading manufacturers of equipment and manual workstation systems.

  • Smooth and stable – even under heavy loads

    The customer is a specialist in the field of plastic extrusion and a leading global provider of plastic panels and plastic profile systems for windows, doors and roller shutters based in Germany.

  • Optimal manoeuvrability at a low noise level

    The customer is a Czech car and engine manufacturer that belongs to a German automotive group.

  • The perfect combination – a tailored solution at an attractive price

    The customer is the leading US manufacturer of carts for the storage and transport of retail goods.

  • Soft wheels for low-noise transport

    The client is a traditional German bakery which was established in 1898. The business is now a renowned training institution with 25 specialty stores and its own catering service.

  • Absolutely reliable – even at high seas

    The client is an American marine robotics corporation that designs, manufactures and sells the Wave Glider, a wave and solar powered unmanned surface vehicle.

  • Success Story - GB340

    The customer is located in the south of Sweden.

  • Success Story - GSPO

    The customer builds and operates high voltage and low voltage systems and provides power for roads, rails, and air traffic systems throughout Norway and Sweden.

  • Success Story - LKDG-PATH

    The customer is a German manufacturer of mobile functional furniture for the healthcare sector, and is a market leader in the segment.

  • Success Story - LHD-ALST and BHD-ALST

    The customer: SBB (Die Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen) is the national railway company of Switzerland, based in the nation’s capital Bern.

  • Success Story - LSZF-PATH

    The customer is a Spanish company founded in 1994.

  • Success Story - GB500x80

    The customer is a German company established in 1951.

  • Success Story - LX-POBS and BX-POBS

    The customer is an Australian statewide organization established to provide high-quality services to support the delivery of patient care.

  • Success Story - STHN

    The customer is a Danish company which was established in 2005.

  • Success Story - L-ALTH

    The customer is a listed American online mail order company with a varied product range.

  • Success Story - SE

    The customer is a company headquartered in Ireland that provides creative and technical solutions for film and television projects worldwide.

  • Success Story - LSD-GTH

    The client is an international pioneer in the aerospace industry.

  • Success Story - POB

    The client is a food manufacturer based in the US.

  • Success Story - GSTN and LO-GTH

    The client is a manufacturer of powered access lifts and develops 100% of them at the headquarters in Great Britain.

  • Success Story - LSFE-ALST

    The client is a German automobile group, and has been one of the top manufacturers of premium cars and sports cars for several years.

  • Success Story - FALBN

    The client: The Austria-based company has been developing and manufacturing intralogistics solutions for 15 years.

  • Success Story - SPKTHN

    The customer needed a reliable wheel to guide the component holders on the conveyor belts. They were also looking for a way to implement a drive concept while taking the space restrictions and high temperatures of the furnace into consideration.

  • Success Story - ALBS-FSTH

    The customer is specializes in the production and supply of technology for glazing and decorating ceramic tiles.

  • Success Story - LIX-SPO

    The customer has established a new process for treating components on carts in a vacuum plasma system.

  • Success Story - LK-POTH

    A manufacturer of motor vehicles. The parent company includes 12 vehicle brands and employs over a half million staff worldwide,

  • Success Story - LHF-PTH

    Casters used in a clean-room environment must adhere to a controlled level of contamination that is specified by the number and size of particles per cubic meter of air

  • Success-Story - FSB

    The guide rollers required will be operated around-the-clock, and will be subjected to extreme weather conditions.

  • Success-Story - LIX-POTH

    The sensitive products are manufactured in a strictly controlled environment and must in some cases be cooled down to -76 °F. This is done in specially designed cold storage rooms, where the goods are stored on cage carts – in some cases for several months.

  • Success Story - LSD-GBS

    The client needs casters with a safe braking system when developing a new autonomous, intelligent, self-organizing DTS (driverless transport system).

  • Success-Story-LPA-PATH

    Success Story - LPA-PATH

    The customer sought our expertise after their casters were prematurely failing due to the wheels deteriorating from the use of cleaning chemicals.

  • CA-Success-Story-LSD-GST

    Success Story - LSD-GST

    The company supplies space-based solutions for the economical provision of direct-to-home television, satellite radio, broadband Internet and mobile message transmission.