Improving the safety of child beds

Synthetic WAVE castors from Blickle provide stability and a high load capacity

The client

Oostwoud is located in Franeker, Netherlands. The company was founded in 1871 and initially made carriages and wagons. Over time, it diversified its range to include medical furniture, cabinets and mailbox systems. The company produces beds and cradles for infants, children and adolescents and supplies hospitals and clinics throughout Europe. The products meet the high hygiene and quality standards of the healthcare sector.

The challenge

Oostwoud was looking for new castors for its infant bed. The bed is 80 centimetres high and either 77 or 91 centimetres long, with a sleeping surface and a mechanical gas spring for pelvic elevation. Due to the bed’s adjustable features, the castors encounter a variety of different loads. The previous wheel solution couldn’t handle these effectively. “The wheel locks were unreliable. Even when they were on, the bed could roll if it got pushed from the side. This led to an unacceptable level of risk when transporting patients,” explains Oostwoud CEO Jaap Koster. As luck would have it, Oostwoud and Blickle had their booths right next to one another at a Düsseldorf trade show while the Dutch company was looking for a new partner. The wheel and castor specialist demonstrated its WAVE synthetic castors and some of its other products. Representatives from both companies exchanged information, and the requirements were clearly defined: reliability, durability, load capacity and wash-resistance. Oostwoud was impressed by the presentation that Blickle’s experts put on, and signed a contract with Blickle soon after.

Our solution

LWKE-TPA 126KF-FI-ELS-GS12Blickle’s WAVE castors are notable for combining an impressive load capacity with a low installation height. They are also quiet, easy to move and non-marking. They can be attached with a number of different options, such as plates, steel plug-in stems or threaded pins, making them an incredibly versatile product. The stainless steel version of the WAVE castor is corrosion-resistant and machine-washable up to 60 degrees Celsius. The castors feature a grooved ball bearing in the swivel head which is sealed on both sides. Another feature that sets the WAVE series apart is its robust wheel lock that simultaneously engages with the wheel and the swivel head, ensuring firm positioning at all times. The thermoplastic rubber tread has a hardness rating of 85° Shore A. the castors offer high chemical resistance to many aggressive substances and are usable within a temperature range of -20 to +60 degrees Celsius. They are also electrically conductive.

The result

Choosing Blickle has paid off for Oostwoud in a variety of ways. “Our beds are significantly safer now. The parking brake works reliably even when parents or caregivers lean on the bed. There’s no longer a risk of the bed rolling," explains Jaap Koster. The smooth rolling performance and the load capacity of the castors have made a strong impression. Oostwoud also appreciates the dependability of the wheel and caster specialists from Rosenfeld as a supplier. “We are always well taken care of,” he states. The WAVE castors make the beds ergonomic to handle and visually appealing thanks to their unique design.

Technical information and advantages of LWKE-TPA 126KF-FI-ELS-GS12:

  • Resilient locks for firm positioning.
  • Grooved ball bearing in the swivel head sealed on both sides
  • Electrically conductive and non-marking.