Blickle rigid casters for every application

The right rigid caster for every application

Blickle has a wide range of rigid caster products, with over 30 rigid rig series and over 80 different wheel series in a variety of sizes, materials and load capacity classes in its standard range. A rigid caster generally consists of a rigid rigid rig and a wheel. The defining characteristic of a rigid rig is that it cannot be swivelled. Combining them with two swivel casters allows trolleys to go around corners while still retaining precision when going straight ahead thanks to the rigid casters.

The extensive Blickle product range contains rigid casters made of pressed steel, stainless steel and synthetics with a load capacity of up to 30,000 kg.

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Electrically-driven rigid casters for improved ergonomics

Blickle’s ErgoMove product line is a range of electric drive systems which allow users to easily move loads up to 2,000 kg with a minimum of effort. The physical strain on the operator is significantly decreased during internal material transport. The ErgoMove line is fitted with rigid casters which provide the required thrust in combination with an electric drive. It also features a dead man’s brake to ensure a safe stop.

Made by Blickle

Leading the market is a challenge that we face every day. The Blickle way: We do all of our manufacturing in-house – and that’s reflected in the high quality of all of our products. All of our tooling, mechanical engineering and steel processing is done in-house. We manufacture steel sheet, stainless steel and synthetic rigid rigs at our headquarters in Rosenfeld. Our wheels are also manufactured and installed on-site using a fully automated system.

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