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Blickle rollers

The term “roller” is used for a wide variety of products. Guide rollers can be synthetic, rubberised, spring-loaded or made from stainless steel, to name just a few examples. The term is frequently used to refer to different types of swivel casters. A swivel caster is a wheel mounted in a pivoting rig. A roller can also be a passive caster which is not driven when used with a transport unit with an electric drive. The term is also frequently used to refer to guide rollers which are used in machine and systems engineering applications or conveyor systems. Examples include offshore cranes, escalators, bottling systems, rack feeders and industrial gates.

Swivel casters for flexibility

With their vertical pivoting feature, swivel casters ensure that machines and devices can be manoeuvred easily. They are used in a wide range of applications: from intralogistics through to machine and systems engineering, the medical sector, food production and furniture. Casters need to meet a wide variety of specific requirements, depending on the sector and application. According to the wheels and casters standard, swivel casters are divided into three different categories: light duty casters, transport unit casters and heavy duty casters. In accordance with DIN EN 12526, light duty casters are used at speeds of up to 3 km/h, transport casters at speeds of up to 4 km/h and heavy duty casters at speeds higher than 4 km/h.

In addition to load capacity, the tread also plays a decisive role in determining which load wheels are suitable for which purposes. The different treads have a wide variety of characteristics which make them more suitable for certain conditions. Nylon wheels, for example, are impact-resistant and easy to move on smooth surfaces. Elastic solid rubber tires offer precise steering, low noise operation and excellent floor surface preservation. Polyurethane series provide low rolling resistance and excellent resistance to tear propagation. The Institute of Health and Ergonomics awarded its “ergonomic product” quality seal to our internally developed Besthane and Besthane Soft polyurethane treads. Both of these series provide an extremely low level of starting, rolling and swivelling resistance, which ensures that hardly any energy is lost when wheels and casters are in motion. This makes it much easier to push and pull a trolley.

An overview of the different tread materials is available here:

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Guide rollers - small but powerful

With wheel diameters ranging between 25 and 125 millimetres, guide rollers are usually pretty hard to spot among other equipment. However, the work they perform is vital. These rollers are capable of handling loads up to 400 kg. Blickle has six different series available, with a wide variety of wheel center materials and treads. Guide rollers are frequently used in rails or guides due to their high level of concentricity and their vertical and horizontal stability. These are frequently referred to as guide wheels. However, if the wheels are under a consistent load for a long period, they are referred to as running wheels instead. These are commonly used in conveyor and crane systems, to name two examples. Electrically conductive and corrosion-resistant versions of both guide roller types are also available in our standard range. To the guide roller overview!

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Active and passive

Electric drive systems make vehicles easier to move. In addition to making logistical processes more flexible and ergonomic, they also reduce the physical stress on workers. Generally speaking, there are two types of casters - passive and active. The Blickle range includes casters for driven vehicles with a wide range of treads to meet your requirements.

If you are interested in electrically driven casters, have a look at the brochure for our ErgoMove electric drive system.

Quality products Made in Germany

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We are one of the few manufacturers to make all of our products in Germany. All Blickle casters are put through an extensive range of tests using a variety of systems in our testing laboratory to make sure that they meet our demanding quality requirements. We use test benches for loads of up to 5.5 tonnes, material test equipment, destructive testing and climatic exposure test cabinets, all in accordance with DIN EN 12527-12533. The many testing and control stations integrated into our fully automatic production lines make sure that we maintain the high level of quality expected from Blickle.

Special solutions – Blickle Customizing

If you cannot find the swivel caster or guide roller you are looking for in our extensive standard range of over 30,000 products, we would be happy to develop a special solution for you. We will work with you to develop the perfect caster to meet all of your requirements. With over 65 years of experience in this area and a track record of daily enhancements and innovations, you can rely on the expertise of our designers. Blickle’s prized special solutions are used worldwide. In-house tooling makes it easy for us to create special solutions.

Are you looking for something that needs to meet a set of specific requirements? Send us a request or contact your personal contact partner by phone, and we will create the perfect solution for you!