Success Stories

Successful projects

Have a look at some of the success stories and innovations which we have made happen for our customers. Customer-specific solutions and products from our standard range provide solutions for specific applications in a variety of industries.


Blickle wheels and casters are frequently used for intralogistics. Find out more about some of the successful intralogistics projects which Blickle’s experts have been involved in!

Conveyor belt

Conveyor Systems

Blickle’s experts have implemented a wide range of custom requirements for wheels and casters on behalf of customers using conveyor systems. Find out more in our success stories!


Machine and systems engineering

Blickle wheels and casters are used in a wide range of machines and systems. Have a read through our success stories for some examples of our successful machine and systems engineering projects.

Food production

Hygiene / medicine / design

Wheels and casters used for hygiene applications have to meet a wide range of requirements. Have a look at the success stories to find out what they are and read about some of the successful projects completed by Blickle’s experts in this area.

Flight case

Mobile devices and apparatus

Many systems and devices can be made mobile using Blickle wheels. Find out more about some of the successful projects which Blickle has made happen in this area.