Tires and press-on bands

with rubber or polyurethane tread

In addition to wheels and casters, Blickle’s extensive catalog also includes tires and press-on bands. The press-on bands are manufactured using Blickle’s own Blickle Besthane® or Blickle Extrathane® polyurethane treads. They are also available with super-elastic solid rubber tires or an elastic solid rubber tread. Tires use a steel-wire reinforced rubber core to connect to the rim, while press-on bands are fitted with either a steel insert or a steel band.


By combining different treads with different rim connections, it is possible to achieve load capacities of up to 10,000 kilogram and provide suitable replacements for a wide variety of applications.


An overview of Blickle’s series of tires and press-on bands is available here.

BSEV series tires

Super-elastic solid rubber tires with ribbed or zig-zag profile

BEV series press-on bands

Elastic solid rubber tires with steel insert or steel-band

BTH series press-on bands

Press-on bands with Blickle Extrathane® polyurethane tread and steel band 

BB series press-on bands

Press-on bands with Blickle Besthane® polyurethane tread and steel band